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Welcome to DIC LIFETEC's Spirulina

As a world's first company to be successful for commercial production of Spirulina in 1977, Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc (current name: DIC Corporation) have endeavored to stay at the leading position in spirulina business. Today we operate 2 sophisticated spirulina farms in the world, and consolidated total production capacity is about 800 tons per year, which makes us the world largest spirulina producer. We would like to emphasize the advantages of our DIC Spirulina, and its details.

Please be aware of imitation case of Linablue®

We recognize some cases that a manufacture of Spirulina blue colorant is canvassing as if he were introduced DIC technology and realized same quality of Linablue®.
Linablue® is manufactured by DIC Spirulina material, with highly controlled cultivation system and reliable safety, fully in compliance with advanced food safety program FSSC22000, and USFDA criteria.Especially, it is worth to be aware that the French authority published a report (Nov. 30, 2017) saying “the importance of choosing trustworthy supply channels” of Spirulina.


What's new

March, 2017
The DIC Groupís Spirulina Farms wholly Earn FSSC 22000 Certification and Ensuring safety.

November, 2016
DIC Further Strengthens Linablue® Global Position by US$13M of additional investment to Earthrise Nutritionals LLC.

July, 2016
Earthrise Nutritionals LLC has been granted ultramodern food safety management system, FSSC22000, on Linablue® in addition to Spirulina production.

October, 2015
We are glad to update NON-GMO verified certificate applied to Earthrise Nutritionals LLC.

September, 2015
DIC Group Opens DIC/Earthrise Algae Research Center in the United States

July, 2015
DIC Strengthens its Position as the Global Leader for Natural Blue Food Coloring

October, 2014
The Japanese ministry strengthened quarantine of “irradiated supplementary foods”. There is no worry about this concern at all, as DIC Spirulina is free from “irradiation”.

April, 2014
Linablue® is fully in compliance with the new US regulation settled by US FDA. Thus, Linablue® can be available for most of the foods with “Natural blue solution”.

November, 2013
Linablue® is fully in compliance with the new EU guideline of Coloring Foodstuff. Thus, Linablue® can contribute to “Natural blue solution” and “clean label without E-number”.

November, 2013
A new plant of Linablue® to be built on the site of Earthrise Nutritionals LLC (CA, USA)

June, 2012
We are pleased to inform you that our Natural Blue Colorant, LinaBlue®, and Spirulina powder have been granted KOSHER certificate.

April, 2012
We are pleased to inform you that our Natural Spirulina Blue Colorant, Linablue®, has been granted HALAL.

April, 2010
We are glad to inform you that Hainan DIC Microalgae Co., Ltd. (HDM) has been affirmed "Compliance with Environmental regulations" by the Chinese authority.

That means, our advanced technology allowed HDM to equip a unique treatment plant to clean-up drains, which is very important and honorable system as an aquaculture company.

In addition, we've been granted in compliance with well-treating of noise, wastes, and also with clean exhaust gases from the factory site.

Premium Quality

Rich in natural antioxidant phytonutrients such as beta-carotene and phycocyanin, and well-digestive vegetable proteins

Reliable Safety

Assured values under a battery of strict quality and safety tests

Consistent Value

An advanced cultivation technology allows us to provide DIC Spirulina with the high quality

Dependable Supply

Guaranteed dependability from three farms in the world

High Cost Performance

Appealing price for the best spirulina products

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