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Taking advantage of the dark green color characteristic of DIC Spirulina, it is ideal for preventing the fading of Maccha and for imparting a green color. Using “DIC Spirulina” containing over 50 kinds of healthy nourishment ingredients, you can enhance the nutrition of processed foods.

Main Applications: Nutritional Enrichment, Foods Colorant, Dietary Supplements
Product Name Spirulina Powder EN Spirulina Powder ET-F Spirulina Tablet A
Material Spirulina 100% Low Plate Count, Finely Ground Spirulina 100% Spirulina・Excipient
Country of Origin USA Japan (Raw material: USA)
Packaging unit ・20kg cardboard box (Interior: Oxygen barrier plastic bag)
・10kg cardboard box (1kg Aluminum bag x 10 bags)
・10kg cardboard box
(1kg Aluminum bag x 10 bags)
10kg Oxygen barrier plastic bag
Diameter 9mmф 200mg Tableted product
How to store Keep at room temperature away from direct sunlight
Best before date 4 years from date of manufacture (if unopened)
Tablet size (approximate) 90μm 20μm
Appearance スピルリナパウダーEN スピルリナパウダーET-F スピルリナ錠剤A
Features Over 50 kinds of healthy and nutritional ingredients comes with DIC Spirulina. Suggested for producing dietary supplement as well as enhancing nutritional profile of the processed foods. Low plate count and finely ground powder properties are suitable for adding green color in foods and beverages as well as preventing the fading of Maccha green color. DIC Spirulina is available in different form including tablet and finished goods. It is highly respected for its remarkable nutritional profile and sold in more than 30 countries around the world.
Applications Bread, noodles, beverages, yogurt, etc. Supplement
Food Labeling (Ingredient label) Spirulina
Specification Standard Plate Count Not greater than 50,000 CFU/g Not greater than 3,000 CFU/g Not greater than 50,000 CFU/g
Moisture Not greater than 7.0%
Protein Not less than 55% 55 ~ 70%
Total Carotenoid Not less than 340㎎/100g 30 to 140mg/100g 240 to 580mg/100g
Chlorophyll a Not less than 1,000㎎/100g 250 to 1,000mg/100g 900 to 1,600mg/100g
Phycocyanin Not less than 5,000㎎/100g 900 to 3,600mg/100g 3,500 to 10,000mg/100g
Total Pheophorbide Not greater than 100㎎/100g
Existing Pheophorbide Not greater than 50㎎/100g
Lead Not greater than 2μg/g
Arsenic Not greater than 2μg/g
Coliforms Negative

Blue food colorant

LINABLUE® is a natural blue food colorant of phycocyanin derived from DIC spirulina.

Product Type Blue Powder Blue Liquid
Color Value(10%E) 180~190 (Color value assay) 28~32 (Color value assay) 56~54 (Color value assay))
Storage method Avoid high temperature and humidity, and strictly prohibited from direct sunlight Cold Storage(1~10℃)
Food Labeling Spirulina Extract, Spirulina Blue Colorant, Spirulina Blue, Plant Concentrate: Spirulina
Packaging unit 5kg in Carton Box
(500g in Aluminum Bag ×10)
  • 100g in Double Structure & Multilayer Bottle ((100g × 2) ×20)
  • 2kg in Carton Box (1kg in Polyethylene Bottle ×2)
  • 5kg in Carton Box (5kg in Polyethylene Bottle ×1)
  • 2kg in Carton Box (1kg in Polyethylene Bottle ×2)
  • 5kg in Carton Box (5kg in Polyethylene Bottle ×1)
Usages Frozen Deserts, Confectionery, etc., Multicolor (Purple, Green)
Usage Restrictions This product is not used for the following products. (appllicable in Japan only)
1.Kelp, Meat, Beans, Vegetables, Seaweed (excluding these processed products)
2.Fresh Seafood (including whale meat), Tea, Nori
For any restrictions in use, please follow the requirement set forth by the regulatory body of each country, or consult our sales contact.

Safety of LINABLUE®

  • 1.Acute oral toxicity LD50 NLT 30,000mg/Kg
  • 2.Chronic Toxicity : Neither carcinogenicity nor adverse effect was observed.

※ Spirulina, raw material of LINABLUE®, has been tested for safety for subacute toxicity tests, chronic toxicity tests and mutagenesis tests, etc.




Animal feed

Spirulina is high in carotenoids such as β-carotene and zeaxanthin that are necessary to improve the color of fish.

Main Applications: Nutritional Enrichment, Foods Colorant, Dietary Supplements




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